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去睇周杰倫演唱會, so good, 只係唔gur 十一點三就完左喇…

睇PMP D 書, 嘩, 好多野要背呀 = =” , 遲D又group project 又溫書, 都好多野做… 休息埋呢個假要發力了…

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SharePoint Cannot View Workflow

So I’ve recently ran into a strange situation. There are workflows created with SharePoint Designer and the Workflows option is not available for some users. After doing some more investigating I found that for certain sites in a site collection, only the Site Collection Administrator could even see the previously created workflows or add new workflows.

The inheritance on the site has been broken and fractioned all throughout the site. I haven’t found a link to the SharePoint Designer workflow permissions through the SharePoint Site directly, but I have found a workaround.

1) Open SharePoint Designer > Open the Site Collection having problem. Right click the Document Library and choose properties.

2) In the Document Library Properties Windows, Select the Security Tab.

3) Select the “Manage permission using the browser” link
4) You’ll need to adjust the permission for the appropriate SharePoint Users/Groups or Domain Users/Groups, depending on what you’re using.

I’ve seen this happen to a couple of sites, and mostly appears to be caused very specific and custom permissions applied, which breaks the inheritance, and then the workflows are created by Site Admins or even Farm Admins.

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百家講壇 – 易經

‎”吾十有五而志於學 三十而立 四十而不惑 五十而知天命 六十而耳順 七十而從心所欲 不踰矩” – 孔子

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